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Custom Designs

The Jewelry Exchange of Maryland takes pride in offering custom jewelry. We understand the desire to own or give unique, one-of-a-kind wearable art. Your custom designed creation can begin with something as simple as an idea or a sketch. We will then work interactively with you to carry your idea through to completion.

Many retail outlets offer a service they call “custom jewelry,” or some variation on the theme; but often this is a misnomer because the jewelry is neither unique nor one of a kind. True custom jewelry is an original design transformed into wearable art. It is not tens, hundreds, or even thousands of pieces made from a mold with only minor changes in stones or details to make each one “custom.” Custom, one-of-a-kind jewelry is just that: one piece of jewelry created from an original mold which is then destroyed.

How We Transform Custom Jewelry Ideas into Reality – Traditional

Until the advent of computer-aided design, almost all custom jewelry was created using the lost wax process. The lost wax process involves the hand carving of a wax model. Rings made in this traditional way start out as a wax tube of the correct finger size. Pendants start as a sheet or block of wax.

Following the completion of the model, wax wires (or sprues) are attached to suspend the model above a casting base. A metal container is then placed on the base and an investment (casting material) is poured around the model and sprues and left to harden. Once the investment is set, the base is removed and placed into an oven. The base is then exposed to extreme heat. Once all traces of the wax model are burned away, molten metal (your choice of gold, platinum, or silver) is poured into the mold.

Once cooled, the mold is removed and the rough casting is then hand worked to create the final piece of custom jewelry. During the finishing process, the details decided on during the design process are applied to the casting. Stones are set, enamel is applied, and final finish work is completed.

How We Transform Custom Jewelry Ideas into Reality – Computer Assisted Design

The Jewelry Exchange of Maryland features a state-of-the-art computer design and photographic studio. With it, we are capable of designing a custom piece of jewelry from nothing more than an idea scribbled on a notepad or even just a concept in your mind. Our experts can bring the ideas to life on the computer screen so you can see and be a part of the design process.

Do you have an old ring that you were thinking of changing the center stone in, but are unsure about what stone you want? Not a problem. With our photographic equipment we can bring the image of your ring up on the screen and show you how it will look with a multitude of choices of stone.

There is no reason to be surprised or afraid of custom work anymore. We make it fun, affordable, and a reality.

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