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The Jewelry Exchange of Maryland had an amazing sale on Tuesday, May 10. We do this bi-annually and the turnout was amazing. The sales ranged from costume jewelry and watches to estate jewelry and everything in between – beautiful, unique rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets in all variations, diamonds, colored stones and sterling silver (a lot of which, sold by weight).

Customers got great discounts on jewelry and, on top of the sale prices, were able to “Spin the Wheel” to get even bigger discounts. Some customers even got the chance to win a large diamond ring!

We want to thank all of our loyal consumers for coming out and hope everyone is enjoying their purchases.

Make sure you are on our mailing list to get invitations to our sales, the next being our 35th anniversary sale in October which will be a biggy!


June is the Season for Pearls

June is here – sunshine and JEWELRY SHOPPING weather! We have in a whole new selection of pearls, which are not only a classic, timeless piece of jewelry, but also June’s birthstone. Whether in a strand, in earrings, or in a bracelet, we have unbelievable prices on our pearls in a variety of lengths, sizes, and colors. If pearls aren’t for you, we have lots of new merchandise including a new high end costume jewelry line. Don’t forget we BUY and trade at top prices every day…during your spring cleaning, pick out all the unwanted, unused jewelry and bring it in for something new or cash which we all can use!

The Jewelry Exchange of Maryland would like to introduce the May birthstone – the Emerald!

Emeralds are a fine gemstone, a variety of the mineral beryl. Emeralds follow a similar grading system to diamonds – the Four C’s or Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight.

They come in a variety of the color green. Color is made up of three parts, saturation, tone, and hue. Cut is the proper proportions of each particular shape to enhance the full brilliance of the particular stone. Clarity are the natural inclusions inherent to each Emerald giving them their own “personality”. Carat weight is the size of the stone and there are 100 points that make up 1 carat.

Emeralds come in many shapes including round, oval, pear, marquise, and emerald cut. Emeralds are a favorite of many, not just May babies.

At the Jewelry Exchange of Maryland, we have a selection of Emerald rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. We also have the ability to create your own new and exciting custom piece or recreate an existing, older piece. Call or visit Jewelry Exchange of Maryland to start or add to your jewelry collection. Our service, prices, and quality can’t be beat!

Fun Emerald Facts : Emeralds are considered a stone of Hope, have been known to enhance memory and to support your emotional well being. That said, I think everyone could use at least one 🙂

You probably know that J.E.M. pays the highest prices for your estate jewelry and precious metals. But did you know that we also have a consignment program for larger and more important items? Our consignment program can get you even more money. Just last month, a customer thought she had an inexpensive diamond, but we gave her over two times more than her best cash offer elsewhere. That’s because we knew the stone was special, and we knew how to move it for the maximum return. Feel free to contact us to discuss any diamonds or jewelry items you may want to consign.

Here at J.E.M., we love fun celebrations. On Saturday, October 31, we held our annual Halloween Party and Sale. As usual, it was a great day filled with food, prizes, and, as always, great deals! The whole staff was in costume, and if you go on Facebook, you can still see them in all of their splendor. Steve outdid himself, costume-wise, this year. (Can you guess what he came as?) If you’ve never been to one of our store parties and sales, you don’t know what you’re missing. Send us your address by snail mail, and we’ll be sure to send you an invitation to our next one – which, by the way, is our Beach Party and Sale!